Where I’m at: Harvard Medical School- Career Advancement & Leadership skills for Women in Healthcare

Julie Silver, MD- Associate Chair of Strategic Initiatives, Harvard Medical School

Missed this amazing conference? It filled to capacity weeks before the start. Plan for next year: November 2-4 2017.

Boston, MA

Two-hundred and fifty women from around the country attended Harvard Medical School’s “Strategies for Career Enhancement and Leadership for Women in Healthcare” Conference, held at the Fairmont Copley for three days of inspiration and networking.

Julie Silver MD, conference organizer and visionary, notes “while women constitute an inexorably larger percentage of the healthcare workforce and make invaluable contributions, they are underrepresented as leaders”.   This course delivered answers in the form of leadership and development strategies to apply in one’s home institution.  But more than a course, SheLeadsHealthCare is a movement which supports the visibility of all underrepresented leaders in healthcare.  Check out the twitter feeds: #SheLeadsHealthcare and #QuoteHer.
An assortment of notable quotes from speakers on day 1, November 17, 2016:

  • Julie Silver MD, Associate Chair, Strategic Innovation for Harvard Medical School and conference visionary:
    “Find your sweet spots” —where your primary professional interests and expertise overlap. Use these to assist in prioritizing your life.  If your asked to participate in something and it doesn’t fall in your sweet spot- it’s much easier to say “no”- and remain focused on your passions.
  • Margaret Moore, MBA Co-director, Institute of Coaching, McLean Hospital:
    Advance managerial effectiveness by de-emphasizing the “hero culture” where being in control, being right and superior is of import and advancing the “coaching culture” — where we promote others needs over self.  The Triple Aim for Women in Healthcare Leadership—“CONNECT—GROW—THRIVE”
  • Joan Y. Reede MD, MS, MPH, MBA Dean for Diversity and Community Partnership, Harvard Medical School:
    Diversity in Healthcare Leadership is
    Informed by values
    Guided by vision
    Secured by vigilance
    Maintained by voice
    Strengthened by victories

Register early for the 2017 conference November 2-4 at SheLeadsHealthcare.com


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