Millennials, Boomers and the job search: More alike than different.

 HBR: What we learned about management in 2016

Noticed any Millennial-bashing at your workplace?  “Millennial’s are so selfish”, “Millennials are lazy”, “Oh, no wonder, she/he’s a Millennial” (see Twitter feed #HowToConfuseaMillennial for some irreverent and often funny jabs between generations).

Take a look at the evidence from  HBR’s What we learned about management in 2016.  Millennials and Baby Boomers want virtually the same things out of work: A high quality manager, good company management and interesting work .  Here’s the rub? It’s way more important to Millennials to have opportunities to learn, grow and advance– even if it means less compensation.  Boomers want better compensation.  Although 10,000 Boomers reach retirement age every day, the majority started saving late in working life and fewer believe that retirement will be a real option. Boomers may have to think more about money and less about job satisfaction. Admit it, Boomers…Millennials are in an enviable position in life.  Does Millennial Bashing stem from a feeling of jealousy?



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