Risk to Women- Health law repeal

The ACA, or Obamacare, has supported equitable health care for women in ways that are not readily visible. Before the ACA, individual women seeking healthcare coverage paid premiums at a 30-40% higher level than men! The best way to ensure fair care is to be informed, and to stand up for our patients.

Risk to Women’s Health Benefits Seen in Health Law Repeal
Associated Press/New York Times, 2/2/17
From a return to higher premiums for women to gaps in coverage for birth control and breast pumps, the Republican push to repeal the Obama-era health care law already is raising concerns that women could be hit hard. The 2010 law ended a common industry practice of charging women more than men for policies purchased directly from an insurer. It made maternity and newborn care a required benefit for individual market health plans. And it set a list of preventive services to be provided at no extra cost to women, including birth control and breast pumps used by nursing mothers. That preventive care requirement also applies to most employer plans, which serve a majority of U.S. adults.


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