Why remote viewing will make you question everything.

Part I of II.

Psychoenergetics and remote viewing- new healthcare “technology”?

On January 9, 2017, the US Central Intelligence Agency released hundreds of declassified documents describing the results of years of telepathic experimentation, Project Star Gate.  The mission of Project StarGate was to “establish a program using psychoenergetics for intelligence applications” to train personnel in remote viewing, to establish procedures to collect intelligence information from remote viewing, and to establish a mechanism to respond to intelligence collected using these methods.

What is remote viewing? 
According to the CIA: Remote viewing (RV) is “an apparent human ability to gain access, by mental means alone, to information that is secured by shielding, distance, or time.  Two elements are required: An individual, called a viewer, with RV ability and specific target material (not available to the viewer at the time)

I mean, what the actual heck?  
Yeah, right?   The USA has invested tens of millions of dollars investigating psychic phenomena. In a 1992 report, then Captain Michael Zarbo states that the US government’s interest in using ‘extrasensory perception’ was piqued following post WWII revelations of Hitler employing Nazi ‘seers’ to gain vital intelligence.  In as early as 1952, the Navy was attempting to locate Soviet submarines through psychics. In the 1960s, the CIA commissioned Oxford University researchers to investigate ESP under Project ULTRA.  During fears of Soviet “psychic supremacy” during the height of the Cold War in the 70s Stanford researchers began seriously studying “remote viewing” through projects named Grill Flame, SunStreak and Center Lane.

What’s the idea? How does this work? Here’s an illustration of how the remote viewing process works.psychic-functioning_remote-viewing

So, what happened? Did it work?
Some of the results are as utterly convincing as astounding. In one double-blind experiment, remote viewers could ‘see’ and draw objects which had been enclosed in sealed film cans. The contents of the film cans were not known to the experimenters or the remote viewers.

From Remote Viewing: Parapsychological Potential for Intelligence Collection?  Zarbo, M. (1992)

Other data reveals detailed drawings recorded during a search for a hostage held in Iran.  The hostages emotional affect and situation were described in detail.

From Grill Flame Session Report CCC-92 Summary Analysis

Is this just BS?
It’s kind of hard to assess the verity of remote viewing based on the documents released.  Results from any experiment are dependent on the quality of data collection and data analysis. Several comprehensive reports on Project Star Gate are available from the CIA reading room and provide insight into the history of the research and an overview of the experimental results.  There are others which describe impressively detailed remote viewing experiences. But none contain detailed descriptions of experimental protocols or analysis methodologies which would allow insight into data quality.

Ok, this is weird. But so what?
These revelations do give credence to “rumors” of secret CIA telepathic experiments which inspired TV shows like The X-Files.  It’s also nice to know what the CIA has really been doing with tax payer money.

Please read Part II which will be published later this week. It explores applications for remote viewing in healthcare.

See part II soon to be published in NurSerial.   X-Files to X-Rays: CIA and Remote Viewing and Healthcare.






    1. NurSerial

      Yes, I believe that it was related. This article was a challenge to write, but I had a lot of time due to being laid up with a broken pelvis. My son had pointed out the CIA reading room, and I had seen classes which promised to train people to Remote View in the early 2000s at places like Omega Institute. I was intrigued and wondered how Remote Viewing might be applied to healthcare. Thank you for reading! And I really appreciate the time you took to comment.


      1. thehealthrealm

        I can imagine the difficulty in sorting out the breadth of that information (I often struggle with keeping a topic simple and focused on one issue myself). I look forward to reading your next post on RV. 🙂


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