Nurses Key to Impacting Global Health Issues

What does Human Trafficking, Zika Virus, and Infant Death have in common? These conditions are serious health issues which affect millions of people around the globe. This is a call to action for nurses to become more involved- for the health of all of humanity.

Global health issues do not exist in a vacuum; they are problems of high complexity that must be fully and comprehensively considered. Simple solutions do not exit. These multidimensional problems require global collaboration, organization, and resources, applied with a bold vision and true commitment. The lens of social justice may better frame solutions required at micro-, meso-, and macro-system levels.

A profession such as nursing… has the opportunity to positively impact GHIs, perhaps like no other. Nurses are positioned in settings such as government roles, public health, academia, clinical care, leadership, and private industries with the ability to develop a creative and effective network to respond to multifaceted problems. There is a clear need to increase nurse awareness and education about GHIs, including, but not limited to emerging infectious diseases, human trafficking, and maternal-newborn health. Professional nurses can contribute as global leaders of change by becoming active in communities; professional nursing organizations; policy making and advocacy organizations; and their workplaces. A profession such as nursing, with millions of providers both in the United States and worldwide, has the opportunity to positively impact GHIs, perhaps like no other.

via Emerging Global Health Issues: A Nurse’s Role


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