1st Personal: Gravity test I.

Part I

There must be a name for that feeling when you’re suspended in air, just before you crash.  Time stretches out as the reality of the situation- in this case that I am going to hit the ground- becomes crystal clear.

As I was hanging in the air a foot above the horse’s shoulders I considered my options.  Option 1- jettison directly forward and land in the path of the cantering 1200lb horse, shod hooves and all.
Option 2, fall to the right- I was inches from a 4’x8’ glass mirror suspended about waist height to the wooden wall of the enclosed indoor arena. Shattered glass and torn flesh – not an option.
I glanced left- to the interior of the sand-floored riding ring and hoped for the best.

I must have closed my eyes, but they flew open abruptly with the impact of my left hip hitting the arena floor.  Hard.  At about the same amount of impact as being hit by a car going 13.5 mph, considering the height of the fall and my weight.
I rolled and came to rest on my right side and felt immense relief that I didn’t hit my head and wasn’t run over by the horse.  Followed by deep, aching pain in my pelvis.

Gravity Test Part II next week..


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